Gas/Diesel Trucks with hydrodynamic drive
Torque Converter 2500-3500kg
DFG/TFG 425/430/435

The simple design of the torque converter drive train allows it to be used in a wide range of rugged and industrial operations.

High levels of efficiency are delivered through the Jungheinrich drive axle with integrated, maintenance free wet-disc brakes, eliminating unnecessary costs associated with brake wear and lowering overall lifetime costs.

Key Features

Quality engineering - Made in Germany: functional, robust and reliable

Jungheinrich drive axle and maintenance-free wet-disc brakes with electric parking brake

High visibility in all directions due to unique ‘vision window’ mast design

Truck design concept giving high productivity with low fuel consumption and high dynamic stability

Rugged Kubota industrial engines with high torque at low revs

4 point cushion mounted drive train giving a low-vibration operators cab area

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